About Us


Dog Life is for everyone who loves dogs and the joy that they bring to life. The Dog Life brand is about sharing that passion with the world.

Dog Life was born of two equally important values.

The first is a passion for the joy that our K9 companions bring to so many people around the world, and a desire to turn that passion into a shared community of dog lovers. Hence, the name Dog Life. If we take a moment to consider what a life without dogs would be like – no cold wet noses to wake us in the morning, no best friend who is always super excited to see us, even if we’ve only been gone for twenty minutes, no constant companions who are always in a good mood and want nothing more than our affection and care.  Such a life would be so much less joyful and fulfilling. As true dog lovers, we will always choose the Dog Life instead.

The second, but equally important factor in creating Dog Life was a desire to help as many homeless and abandoned dogs as possible to find responsible and loving homes. In the US alone, there are over three million abandoned and homeless dogs that show up in rescue shelters every year.  These shelters and their volunteers work tirelessly to help as many animals as they can, but as with most such organizations, resources are always scarce, and this makes it harder to do the already difficult task of caring for and placing so many dogs in loving and responsible homes.  This is why Dog Life is committed to donating a full fifty percent of all profits from the sale of apparel and merchandise to rescue organizations throughout the country. 

We are currently working with local chapters of the Humane Society, but we are always looking for additional rescue organizations that we can help out.  If you know of a great organization, please send us a note so we can check them out.

The Dog Life brand is about the power of community to celebrate our common love of dogs, while doing good along the way. Through the sale of high quality branded apparel and merchandise, we hope to achieve these goals.


Young man in a park wearing a white Dog Life  and kneeling next to a very large  sitting white and black great dane